Kallu's Bhojpuri Song Murga Mobile Bate Bolata Kuku Ho Kuku

bhojpuri song Murga Mobile baate, kuku ho kuku, (Bhojpuri Song) by kalua and more bhojpuri songs. Free song Murga Mobile bate choli me bolta kuku ho kuku (kuku ho kuku).

Listen to one of the superhit album song by Arvind Akela, Arvind Akela is familiar with Kallu amon bhojpuri spleaker in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh as well over the world where ever Bhojpuri speaker migrated from UP And Bihar. This is the very popular song among Bhojpuriya Samaj. Keep listening on www.bestbhojpurisongs.com, we will update new song by Arvind Akela.

Watch and listen to Murga Mobile Bate, Choliye Mein Bolata Kuku Ho Kuku sung by Arvind Akela

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