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Dil Aur Dewar is a new released Bhojpuri movie by Rani Chatterjee. This is the one of the super hit Bhojpuri movie of Rani Chatterjee. This film is full of action and romance. Keep on watching Dil Aur Diwar till new movie is updating on this website.


Vijay Jeetender is a Reporter and many times helps the police in apprehending criminals. When his mother Kamini dies, she asks him to look after his brother, Anand Vijay, which he promises to do so. Thinking that some girl named Saroj is taking advantage of Anand, he secretly marries her. Vijay's economic adviser is Rai Saheb, who had deserted his wife Nirupa Roy and his daughter Saroj, and son, Chandu. Rai saheb unknowingly hires Saroj as a lady servant for his two daughters, one of whom is Laxmi Sarika who is secretly in love with Vijay, and another one, very young, is handicapped and confined to a wheelchair. Vijay and her dad want Laxmi to marry Anand, which she refuses. Chandu has fallen into bad company of a criminal boss Prem Chopra and his sidekick Kitty Komila Virk. Unknowingly Chandu assaults his very own father and kidnaps his younger sister to satisfy the boss. Saroj is determined to honor the marriage, but Vijay is not.

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